Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Photography

First things first - went for another bike ride tonight after dinner. I heard that ninety degree temps are coming our way, so I thought it may be a good idea to take advantage of this gorgeous weather we have been having. As you can see, Paige is still not loving the bike trailer...at least this time she didn't cry DURING the ride. Only before and after.

More photography experiments from this morning. Look at that sky. What snow? What winter?

My favorite of the day (above)

Checking out those rocks again.....And didn't i see that same look on Emily's face yesterday? Annoyed with me already and she's only eleven and a half months.

And finally, Paige's new best friend - her sippy cup. You can see it in the bike trailer pictures above. It's like her pacifier. Since we have pretty much taken away her bottle, she has befriended the sippy cup. And, oh my goodness, she drinks a lot of watered down juice (95% water, 5% apple juice). At least three full sippy cups a day, but sometimes four. She still doesn't like milk in her sippy cup - and I am working on that one. Anyone have any suggestions???


Anonymous said...

When I switched Lauren to milk and no bottles she would not drink milk for a week, so of course I was freaking out. I bought the Nuby bottle/sippy cup and she chugged down a glass of milk in no time. That was the only cup she would use for milk after the bottle. Walmart has it in many colors. It worked for me, if you haven't tried it yet. Paige is so sweet, I just love her little bloomer outfit! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Mary-Frances said...

I had the same issue!!!! I am with Ann marie, A neighbor turned me ont o that Nuby. Hayden will still at age of 2 and 1/2 only drink milk from the Nuby sippy cup. It is soft like the nipple of a bottle. He will drink water from a regular sippy no problem.

EatCrowe said...

Yup. Nuby works. Be careful though, Anna Lee liked to bite the flexible spout - the silicone will tear and can present a choking hazard.

Alyjean said...

I guess I am off to get the Nuby.