Monday, June 30, 2008

Fireworks, Flowers, Tigers and Trouble - OH MY!

It's already past ten p.m. I am so ready for bed. So ready. However, I have not posted in quite a few days. The pictures and stories are starting to pile up. As it is, I have twelve photos ready in raring to go in my "uploads" folder. So, lucky you, I am staying up, posting, for your viewing pleasure.

Last week our niece, Sara, came to visit us. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do many outdoor activities because of the yucky afternoon rain we have been having around here. It feels like Florida - but without the humidity. So, Sara got to see a movie with her Uncle Eric, played a lot of Wii, did some swimming in the indoor community pool, and went shopping at the biggest mall she has ever been to - Sommerset.
We did get a chance to see the superb fireworks display in Mt. Clemens on Friday night - her last night. She went out with a bang. Hahaha.....Hey it's late - you have to cut me some slack.

Emily thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks. She asked about 8,000 questions about them during the show, and on the LONG walk back to the car. I tried my best to answer most of them - and did ask her at one point to save her questions for later and just enjoy the show. Yeah, that lasted for all of ten seconds.

On Sunday, my Mom and I got a chance to go to a Tigers game with the Marcikics. It was my Aunt's 29th birthday - again. Despite the fact that Pudge didn't play, we got rained on and my nachos got VERY soggy, and a bird pooped on my Aunt's finger, we had a great time. Kelly got super fantastic seats - second row - so we were right in the middle of the action. Clete Thomas - my most favorite rookie - was just feet away from me...and of course I left my camera at home...oh well. The Tigers swept the Rockies with a 4-3 win. Eric, Kelly and I are going to a game next Wednesday. So excited for that.
Eric and Emily watching the Tigers nail biter on Saturday night - they won - despite a very CRAZY ninth inning. Aren't they so cute in their hats? Notice the coordination of hat color and shirt/nightgown color.....too much.
Today started out as yet another rainy day, but the afternoon brightened up considerably. I took the opportunity to go and take some pictures of the pretty blooms we have around here.
Paige's first birthday party has been set - July 19th. It's just unbelievable that a year has almost gone by. She is walking better and better everyday. She now stands up almost completely by herself - no longer relying on something to pull her up. She has been getting into trouble right and left. I am thinking there's no way I am going to get away with not getting some kind of gate for the upstairs. At least to use while I am up there. You turn around for one second and she's heading for those stairs.....
Tonight, I was giving Emily a bath. I had just finished giving Paige her bath, and she was all cute and smelling so clean in my favorite pear pajamas. Paige was with us in the room, playing with bath toys on the rug. I reached up to hang a bath towel on the hook, and BAM!!!! Paige dives head first into the tub. Umm....haven't you already had a bath? She was so surprised - as was I. She was fine - just a little soggy. TROUBLE - cute, adorable, squeezable TROUBLE. And, I had to change her pj's.
That's all for now - I am going to bed. Have a wonderful day/evening...........

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