Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Vacation

Went to Metro Beach today. It's not officially summer - not until next Saturday - but it sure feels like it when you spend all day at the beach digging in the sand.

What is it about kids and sand? They could just dig and dig and dig. We adults sat on a blanket and tried our best to keep any and all sand AWAY from us.

In case any of you were wondering - that's Lake St. Clair in the background. Not a Great Lake - but a pretty good one in my opinion.


Mary-Frances said...

Who said Michigan is that different from Florida. Looks like she was at Pompano Beach :)
Beautiful. I wish you were here. Miss you XOXOX

EatCrowe said...

Is the baby's hair getting curly?

Alyjean said...

Paige has the same hair that Emily used to have - light brown and curly. And very unruly.