Monday, June 16, 2008

Taking Off.....

I know it's a little blurry, but this is Miss Paige this morning. She has really taken off over the weekend. She now walks clear across the family room all by herself. We could not be more proud. So, you know what this means:

NEW SHOES!! We paid a visit to Stride Rite today for Paige's first pair of walking shoes. They has the cutest little sandals in bright colors, on sale, no less- just perfect for summer....but alas, Paige has an extra wide foot, and the only shoes that worked were the full price ones you see here. At least they are kind of sandals. She wasn't too crazy about them at first, but warmed up quickly, and decided that keeping them on her feet wasn't so bad. Walking in them is a whole different story. It will take some practice, and I am sure she'll get the hang of it in no time.

So, I haven't killed it yet - this is what my hydrangea looked like this morning. I almost want to cut it and bring it inside, but it looks so pretty out there.

Eric had a wonderful Father's Day. He got a new baseball game for the Wii from the girls, and a lovely card, handmade, from Emily. We had my Grandfather and Grandmother over - as well as my Aunt and Uncle. My Mom made a super yummy dinner - marinated chicken on the grill, warm German potato salad, fresh green beans, cucumber salad and fresh strawberry pie. There wasn't much left over, so I guess everyone else liked it too!


Anonymous said...

Paige changes every time I see her, you can tell she is getting older. I love new shoes! Your mom's meal sounds awesome...I wish you lived closer :)

Alyjean said...

Yeah - we could have brought you over a piece of strawberry pie. We had exactly one left. Baby needs pie!