Monday, June 9, 2008

Lookie here......

Okay, so I know she is crying. She is tired. It's almost bedtime, and we are clearly making her do something she is SO not in the mood to do - but like a good girl, she does it anyway. What a trooper. And she makes the cutest little crybaby face. Go Paigey Go!!


Sorry about the crazy angle - it corrected itself in the camera., but not here...hmmm... I love Emily sliding into the shot. Then Max. I did take some still pic's, but I think a video is clearly in order here.


Mary-Frances said...

Watch out- there is no stopping her now. Sounds mean but I love a cute crying baby. She is so adorable :)

Alyjean said...

I know you do - you wanted me to make her cry for you when she was born.