Sunday, June 22, 2008

First Week of Summer

And I cannot believe it's already over.

We have been doing our regular routine due to Emily being in Summer Camp in the mornings from 8am until 11:30am. She is having a great time. Last week was all about camping. They pitched a tent, made s'mores, learned about campfire safety, and even made their own telescope....not really sure what that has to do with camping, but it was cute.

On Friday, we ventured out west to Northville and Plymouth. I grew up there, and most of my Mom's old friends still live there. We met them at the most adorable park in Plymouth. It had an awesome squirt zone, sand pit and playground - which we never made it to....We picnicked, played, and had a great time. Emily made some wonderful new friends, and I got to catch up with some old ones - my old pal, Erika, who I have known since I was probably a baby. I feel like such a ditz, because I was having such a good time, and a little pre-occupied by a VERY mobile Paige, that I didn't really get any pictures. Just one of Emily on the top of a statue in the sand pit. Oh well. Here's one of Erika and I on our first day on Kindergarten. And one of Emily up on that statue.

Paige is going to be eleven months old on Tuesday. She is really doing well with the walking thing. She barely looks like a drunken sailor. She walks, falls, and gets up again - crawling is SO two weeks ago. She even got another new pair of shoes. Her other ones were so big on her that they kept falling off. So, I took them back to Stride Rite and got a pair that was only a wide, not an extra wide. Much better. She had a very fun visit with her cousin Emerson today. I would have pictures of that, but I was too busy holding her - so Ryan and Julie....if any turned out, could you email me some please??

So begins another busy week - our niece Sara is here - see previous post, another week of Summer Camp, and swim lessons resume. And, I am getting ready for Paige's first birthday party next month. If I don't watch out, summer will be over before I know it.
Have a Super Duper week.

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Anonymous said...

I know, summer is great! Enjoy yours! Looks like you girls are having lots of fun already!