Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's all about choices

Friday night, while feeding Paige her last bottle of the day, the stress of the next day began to bubble over. The next morning I was getting up at 6:30am to have enough time to get ready for my crazy, busy day. My Aunt T was coming over at 8 to pick up Paige for the morning. Emily had her dress rehearsal at 8:45am - which I was taking her to. I had to be ready to go at 8. I had to make Rice Krispy treats for the Emily's picnic Saturday afternoon. I had to time our leaving the picnic perfectly so that I could make it back to my Aunt's house so that we could go to brunch no later than 1:15pm. Then it hit me.....what about Max? I was leaving the house at 8am, and not planning on returning until the evening. He's pretty good about holding it - but I think it's asking a little much.
Did I mention that I was doing this all by myself? Eric was up north with the men in my family at my Grandpa's cabin. He was due to return around 5pm on Saturday.

Something had to give. So, the picnic got the axe. Emily was initially upset. She got over it. I really think she had never really bonded with any of the kids in her class, so it wasn't a big loss for her. I hope they didn't miss my Rice Krispy treats.

Emily did a great job at her performance. She sang, did all the movements. I was so proud. I was disgusted with all the parents. They kept jumping in front of me during the performance - blocking my view so that they could get yet another picture of their child. Seriously, do you really need more than two or three pictures of your kid singing up on stage? I, myself, took exactly four pictures. This was Emily's last performance at Schoolhouse Montessori, and I wanted to savor it. I did manage to get about forty seconds of video for your audio and visual pleasure....

Once the performance was over, we went home, took out Max, got some stuff for Paige and headed out for my Aunt and Uncle's house. Then the garage door decided to take a crap. I basically had a moment in the garage trying to get the door to go down. I threw chairs and a water can in frustration. I did get it down after my hissy fit - and we were on our way.

We had a lovely brunch at this small little place in Royal Oak - Cafe Muse. We walked around for a bit, then took the scenic route back to my Aunts house. We hung out for awhile - Ryan, Julie and Emerson came up from Kalamazoo, and my Aunt Lindsay was there from Tennessee. It was good getting to spend some casual, non-holiday time with them. They guys returned dirty and tired in the early evening, and after a good scrubbing, we had a lovely BBQ dinner. I love doing stuff like that. Good times.

Today we had a lovely warm and sunny day. Emily played in her pool this afternoon. Paige spent some quality time with her walker. Around 5pm the tornado sirens went off. We headed into the basement. No major damage here. We did have some pretty awesome wind gusts. Our neighbors fence was damaged from the playhouse that slammed into it. They also lost some roof shingles. It was over very quickly. A drop in the bucket compared to a hurricane. Emily was a wreck.

Last three days of school this week. Last two swim lessons. Summer is here.


Anonymous said...

This was a good one, I chuckled through the whole thing. I can imagine each and every moment, hysterical! Sounds like you had a very busy weekend, but a very nice one nonetheless. Paige's hair is curling up, too cute! Take care :)

Ryan and Julie said...

I love the picture of Emily sliding into her pool. That should be the official picture of summer!!

Mary-Frances said...

Great Great-Great - Love how long Paige's hair is getting and those goggles are hysterical

CatchMeCrowe said...
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