Monday, August 30, 2010

{almost pop stars}

This past week my girls were invited to a pop stars birthday party. I took a couple pictures of them before we left. Paige and I fought over what she was going to wear. It is at this time that I would like to remind you that she is THREE. Just three. And we have been fighting about her wardrobe for at least a year. Two years ago she didn't even know what color she was wearing. Do you think I am in trouble? And, BTW, you CAN ANSWER THAT QUESTION IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. REALLY. It doesn't cost ANYTHING. It's FREE.


Isn't my Emily so pretty? Ohh, another question you can answer in the COMMENTS SECTION.

Why, oh why can I not get one decent picture of both of them? If you know the answer, please write it in the COMMENTS SECTION.

I know you all think I am crazy, but seriously, I am getting a little lonely around here in the blogosphere. It's like you bringing out your photo album, showing, what you think, are some pretty awesome pictures. Telling, what you think, are some pretty funny and cute stories.  And what you get are crickets. Nothingness. Silence. You would start to get discouraged. Wouldn't you? Maybe my pictures suck. Maybe my stories are boring. Maybe I should put away the photo albums and not tell any more stories.....Just something to think about.


Linda said...

I see your pleading really worked....NOT! I made a comment on your baseball day before reading your pleas.Your pics are great and your stories are the best. Michael gets almost no comments on his blog either. Blog on girl!

Ryan and Julie said...

No worries. Rest assured that Julie and I are still reading your blog regularly, even if we are not commenting. Love the photos. They are always getting better. Keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding Allison???!!! Jerry and I look at your blog on a daily basis. I love your pictures. I love them because you have the ability to capture the expresions, the action, the light and they look so real. I copy your pictures to bring to the monthly Grandmothers's Club of WRG (one of the companies I worked for). Sometimes I am the only one that brings photos of the grandchildren. Isn't that what a Grandmothers Club is all about???? Please, don't ever think that we don't care. That makes up for being so far and not seeing your beautiful family more often. We are very grateful that you have the blog. Pilar