Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Going to Australia

Emily is obsessed with Australia. I am not exactly sure where this obsession came from, maybe from the book, Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. This little boy has the worst day ever, and keeps saying he wants to move to Australia. I am hoping that Emily is not having a bad year and wants to leave us for Australia....I am thinking not.

Coincidentally, they are studying the continent and country of Australia at school. When I picked her up Monday afternoon, she said, "G'day Mate" with a perfect Australian accent. It was adorable. They will be having the animals of Australia visit them next week - she missed that last year, she was sick, so I am hoping that she'll get to see them this year.

She has also moved to the next to last shelf - the orange shelf - for reading. This is huge, as she is one of the only kids at this level - pre-schoolers and Kindergartners combined. She was pretty proud of herself. I was just excited that she actually told me something that was going on at school - a rare treat.

The weather is getting much better - we have even taken Paige on four outings in the past week - Red Robin, The Country Inn, Nino's and Target. This is probably more than she has been out all winter! I spotted some tulip leaves sprouting out of the ground this's just a matter of time until Spring is in full swing. Can you tell I am really ready?


Anonymous said...

Way to go Emily! That is so wonderful, I know you must be so proud of her :)

Crystal said...

Good words.