Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's just amazing what you can find when you look through a huge box of pictures

My Mom has this huge box of pictures - some old, some not so old. I have it in my basement because at some point I intend to go through it, organize it, and maybe even make some sort of scrapbook - or many scrapbooks - out of some of the pictures.

I could have sat and really looked at all the pictures for hours. I just got through about half of the box. I found some pictures of myself that I really should burn, and some that are so cute that I thought I would share.

This one is from when we lived in Northville, MI, in a little townhouse. Just me and my Mom. Not really sure what year this is....maybe 1980, could be 1979. I like the cars in the background. Nothing like cars to really date a picture.

This one is in honor of my sweet cousin Kelly's birthday. It's tomorrow - or today, depending on when you are reading this. April 9th in any case. This picture was definitely 1981. Whenever I stayed at their house, I always slept in Kelly's room. She loved to wake me up in the morning by throwing things at me from her crib. Maybe my hand is in there because I was putting something back in.....Happy Birthday Kel.

This one is of me and Kelly's brother - who is now a Daddy himself - Ryan. This was taken outside my Grandmother's house on Winston, in Detroit. My Mom grew up on this street. Not sure what year it was, but it has always been one of my favorite pictures. Love those jeans I was wearing. Ryan and I practically have the same 'do.

And to round out the family trend - here's one of all the girls - except my Aunt - at my Grandma's house. That's me in the back. That's Kelly in my Grandma's lap. And that's my Mom and my sister, Amanda next to me. I love this one because I can see all the things I remember about my Grandma's kitchen - the round green canister, the wood paneling, the bulletin board, and the radio that was always on playing music my Grandma loved. I even remember that needlepoint parrot that is behind my Mom's head. Such great memories I had from there. Miss you Grandma.

That's all for now. More later.


Anonymous said...

Those were great Allison. Love the little sundress! I think Ihad the same haircut at one point...the Dorothy Hamill (SP?) I believe it was called :)

Alyjean said...

yes, the dorothy hamill. you gotta love the 70's!

Ryan and Julie said...

Great pics! I love the one in Gram's kitchen. Boxes full of random photos are always good for a few suprise treasures.