Monday, April 14, 2008

Some cute pictures from this weekend

So, we got to meet the newest member of the family - Emerson. We all went over to my Aunt and Uncle's house on Saturday evening for pizza, salad and baby. She's just adorable. Julie and Ryan seem to be handling the whole parenthood thing with ease. They didn't even look tired. Emerson apparently likes to sleep, so I think that is helping them out a lot. What a good little girl she is. I did get to hold her for a moment - until Paige saw me, and wasn't too pleased about that. Here is Emerson with her Great Aunt Carol - my Mom. Welcome to the family. Can't wait for our all girl shopping trips!!

Here's Paige climbing the stairs - her new trick. She did this quite a few times this weekend. She was very proud.

Here's her proud sister waiting at the top of the stairs.

"Look at me Mom. I made it."

Other than that, uneventful weekend. It was much colder, so no really going outside. I did see a 70 on the forecast for this week - and we will be out and enjoying that. Maybe a trip to the trails in Stoney Creek. Have a great week!


Mary-Frances said...

I love the pic of the three of you. You have a beautiful family. New baby cousin Emerson is gorgeous. How lucky are they!! and she likes to sleep :)
I had one like that tooo, but then I had another. MIss you and enjoyed our chat this am.

Anonymous said...

Emerson is sooo sweet! Emily looks a lot like Eric in that picture, waiting at the top of the stairs. Such sweet girls you have.