Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend pictures.....

Paige and I have been taking many walks this past week. The trees are all in full bloom - just beautiful.

The last time I took a picture of this tree, it was covered with snow - very pretty. I like it this way too.

This tree is in the front of our house. The pink flowers don't last long...they should be done by the end of the week.

Paige does not want to sit still for pictures anymore. So, here's the best that I her so very cute froggy pajamas.

Emily drew this very cool piece of art. I think it's a map of something. If you look closely under her nose, you can see some red and blue marker there. She has these markers that smell like fruit, and she's always smelling them, and getting them on her face.

Paige this morning - wearing her new hoodie and pants - it's only 40 degrees today. I had to go and get her some size 12 months clothes for cooler weather. She is pretty much grown out of all her nine month stuff....get ready for another bag Ryan and Julie!! I went to Carter's on Saturday looking for this hoodie and pants set that I saw a couple weeks ago. They had tons left, all different styles and colors, but this was the ONLY 12 month size. I guess I was lucky to get this one. I was even willing to get her one of the boy ones, but there were none in her size. Crazy. Hopefully, it will be getting warmer soon.......

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Anonymous said...

Pretty pictures! Paige looks pretty with that blue hue around her.