Sunday, April 6, 2008


Not a very exciting weekend. Well, maybe not exciting to most - but a little bit exciting to me. On Saturday, my Mom and I ventured out to the new mall with the girls. We have been there before, but not in nice, sunny, weather that does not require a heavy jacket, hat and gloves. It's an outdoor mall. Paige enjoyed her first real adventure in her new stroller. She did get a little antsy around naptime - our signal to leave. Emily had fun playing in the kids area - huge fruits and veggies that the kids can climb, jump, slide and generally be silly on.

Eric cleaned out the minivan - vacuumed the mats, and cleaned out all the winter dust. It's called Spring cleaning. It's about time.

We had a very nice lunch today with my Dad and Natalie at this super yummy restaurant, Brio. It was the first time we had all been there, and we are definitely going back. We went to celebrate my birthday from last week. They also brought a delicious cheesecake platter, and a gift that completely shocked me. Natalie went to a local scrapbook store, found a very helpful salesperson, and bought me two packs of the latest Basic Grey paper - paper that I literally had in my hand at Archiver's, and didn't buy because I didn't want to spend the money. So cool. Can't wait to use it. Thanks again!

This week Emily has only four days of school - parent/teacher conferences are on Friday. Looking forward to hearing about her progress.

Here are a couple of shots of Miss Paige. Her new name is trouble. Okay, we'll still call her Paige, but I am thinking of changing her middle name to Trouble. She's really taking a lot of risks with this whole standing thing, and this has resulted in a lot of falling - but she's quickly learning.

Can I also just say....what the heck is with those Detroit Tigers? As I write this, I am watching them lose their sixth game in a row. Something has got to give.

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