Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nine Whole Months

It's been nine whole months since this little bundle of energy, cuteness, sweetness, happiness, crabbiness, and of course, joy has come into our life. I remember wondering while I was pregnant:
"What is she going to look like?"

"What kind of personality is she going to have?"

"Is she going to be a sleeper?"

"Is she going to have colic?"

"Is she going to be a quiet, contented baby?"

"Is she going to be like Emily?"

And of course, "How is it possible for me to love this little baby as much as I love her sister?"

Well, I have the answers to some of those questions, and some we'll just have to wait a little longer to see what pans out.
Paige looks a lot like Emily. In fact, when going through some baby pictures of Emily, I caught myself thinking they were Paige. Of course, there are differences. Emily was a much smaller baby than Paige - in length, mostly. Eric thinks they have different looking eyebrows...ahhh, okay. In saying this, I think that Paige and Emily has a good mix of both of our features - mine and Eric's. They are both totally adorable.

Paige's personality is still developing, but I will say that she a very determined child. She tries things until she gets the desired effect - and if that doesn't happen, she'll let you know. She is very vocal, although she hasn't said any real words yet. She loves the sound of her voice, as many of my neighbors can attest to. She is also a charmer and can turn it on at any given time. I can't wait to see how this all plays out as she goes into toddlerhood.

Is she a sleeper? Well, she is now. But, I think she had different plans. Her and I have been in a battle over this since she was about two months old. I have lost many battles, but I may be slightly ahead. I am not going to declare victory yet - see above.

Thankfully, she did not have colic like her big sister. In fact, she was and still is, a great eater. Her current favorites are: yogurt, Cheerios, cheese, Gerber puffs, grapes, watermelon, pear, apples, and ANYTHING that Mommy is eating. She is not really into regular vegetables yet. She likes to eat them pureed, and that's okay for now. This girl definitely has a sweet tooth. Wonder where she got that from???

Quiet and contented - that would be no. She is loud, busy, fast and can be whiny at times. But she's very cute doing it - so we'll let that one slide.

Other than looks, she is not really like Emily at all. Emily was not nearly as needy as Paige is. Emily was a very verbal child - she had quite the vocabulary by one year, her first words were at six months. Paige likes to yell, a lot. Paige is much more coordinated. She is also fearless. Paige is something new and different everyday - not predictable at all. I love and appreciate the differences in both. And, of course, I knew it would be that way. But, sometimes, you can't help to compare - it's human nature.

As for loving her - well, I just do. How could I not? I did the second I saw her. In fact, it wasn't even surprising. It's just one of those fears that you have as a pregnant Mommy, who already has one child. You just somehow think that one of your kids is going to get slighted - and it's not true at all. It's something you can't explain until it happens to you. It's a wonderful thing.

Happy nine months Paige. Thanks for coming into this world.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I am crying...that is so sweet :)

Alyjean said...

It's those hormones again....I should have had a warning for pregnant women. :)

Ryan and Julie said...

Is that a baby picture of Emily next to the one of her on the swing, or is it Page? Looks to me like Page but I've been wrong once before.

Alyjean said...

The picture on the left is Paige, and the one on the right is Emily. Both were taken yesterday. I will have to scan a picture of Emily at around the same age and put them side by side. It's pretty freaky how similar they are.