Friday, April 18, 2008

La La La La La La. Spring is Here! La La La La La

We gave Paige her first taste of Spring yesterday. I brought her outside and plopped her down on the almost green grass. At first, she was definitely not into it. She immediately started crying, and wanted me to rescue her. So, I just kept on trying. I held onto her and just let her toes touch the grass. She wasn't into that either - at first. After about a minute, she decided that this whole grass thing was not too bad and sat all by herself. She immediately grabbed a stray, dry leaf and put it into her mouth. Of course. After removing this from her mouth, she decided that she wanted to try the grass. Oh, it's going to be a busy summer for us - her putting anything and everything in her mouth, and me diligently retrieving it. Didn't have this problem with Emily - we never sat in the grass in Florida. Too many fire ants, and that St. Augustine (they call it crab grass here) grass is not exactly gentle.

Emily spent most of the day outside either playing with some of the neighbor kids, or just hanging out with Daddy. I had to drag her inside last night just a few minutes before bedtime. She was still shouting to all the kids outside from her bedroom window after she went to bed. She has already informed me that she is intending on spending the whole day outside today - and she doesn't have to come in until much later because today is Friday. Do you think she had a little cabin fever?

We have a very exciting new addition to the Gottlieb House that I will tell you about later - maybe later today, so check back to see what it is......and NO, I am not pregnant. Not even a little bit.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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