Monday, April 7, 2008

Emily's Musings

It has never been more evident than today, for me to be aware of what I say around my kids. No, Emily didn't say the "f" word - I do tend to keep it PG around the kids, so chances are, she probably hasn't heard that one come out of my mouth.

What she did hear, was me talking to myself as I was playing Yoshi's Island on my Nintendo DS. I simply cannot get enough of that game. I have been so totally frustrated with this one level, that I have been yelling at myself. I must look pretty funny doing this.

That being said, tonight, Emily was watching me play - she loves to sit right next to me, and watch for as long as I will let her. Sometimes, she is my good luck charm, so I let her stay as long as she would like. I guess she thought I looked like I was having fun, so off she went to get her video game - the Leapster.

While playing Go Diego Go, I heard her get frustrated, and then say, "Oh come on. You've got to be kidding me! What is up with that?"

So funny. So cute. So very Emily.

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