Monday, March 31, 2008

She's got skills

Paige is learning a new trick everyday, it seems. She has mastered crawling. If you put her down, turn away from her for one second, she is not usually where you left her. She likes to follow me out of a room, usually crying or whining. It's pretty cute.

She has also pretty much mastered pulling up on all sorts of things - her toy box, my leg, chairs, her crib (on the outside), practically anything. I have even caught her standing all on her own for about 3 seconds. She's just growing up so fast - I can hardly keep up.

She has also really started to develop her language. In the last couple of days she has increased her babbling to include "ba" and "da" and "na". Of course, no Momma yet, but it's on the tip of her tongue, I can just tell. She has almost mastered kissing. She even tries to make a fish face - which just cracks me up.

I think this move towards independence has made her much more attached to me. She was even crying yesterday and today when Eric was holding her. She has the saddest little look on her face with her little arms stretched out to me. Oh goodie. It's great to be needed, but sometimes I need a moment.

So, in light of these things - this trend towards forward movement - we have a video today. Still pictures will no longer do.

Emily's first day back to school after her "spring" break is today. She actually got up all by herself, got dressed, and ate in a timely manner. What is up with my girls? Growing up so much, I don't know if I can stand it.

Have a super Monday everyone!


Mary-Frances said...

She is so adorable and busy busy busy....look out. I love the video clip.

Ingrid said...

Yay video! Thanks for that. Too cute!