Friday, March 6, 2009


Today, right now, it's about 67 degrees and sunny. A taste of spring. Of course, it's still winter - and will be for the next few weeks.  But as we inch closer to the end, we keep getting these little samples of what is hopefully to come.  Sooner than later I hope.

No heavy jacket today - and if there was no wind - there would be no jacket at all. Emily was so excited, she skipped all the way to the bus stop this morning. Her friend, Nina, who is at the same bus stop, came out of her house yelling, "I love spring!". Very cute.

Paige is cutting a few more teeth in the front - hence the fingers in the mouth. She also loves all of Emily's much neglected baby dolls. She has Bitty Baby with her in the picture below. I am so happy about this - that doll was not cheap, and has been pretty much ignored before Paige. Yea! Of course, her love for all things baby may translate into a love for all things American Girl - but, I secretly covet those dolls, and would be more than happy to buy a few in the next few years. Let's hope she likes the same ones I do....knowing Paige, probably not.

Paige also loves to draw. After a few incidents with crayons on the wall, we have put all writing utensils out of her reach. But, I did give her this mini doodle pad that used to be Emily's and she LOVES it. In fact, Emily and her now fight over it. Of course, it was collecting dust in Emily's room for years.....but now that Paige wants it.....sisters.

Have a great week-end!

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