Monday, March 30, 2009

it's monday?

I am hoping that this tired feeling that I am having right now is from actually being tired, and not from anything else. It was a whirlwind week. Friday and Saturday I was pretty much consumed with the whole Mom 2 Mom sale - which ended up not being all that great. There was a lot of disorganization, as well as quite a few other Mom 2 Mom sales that day - which lead to ours not being so busy - which lead to me bringing most of the stuff I brought to sell, home again.  Arrgh! I did sell a few things, so I guess it wasn't that bad. 

But the BIG NEWS of the day - Emily's tooth is finally OUT!! She pulled it out. I think she got really tired of us lamenting about it still being there every day. Now she has that toothless grin that looks so strange on her - like she's growing up or something.

A few days before - notice the snaggle tooth - she made this AWESOME castle thing with Paige's bristle blocks. She designed and created it all by herself. Not really sure why I am so impressed - but I am. My kid can make things. It's awesome.
And this one...more about her later.

It's a feather boa tied around her head. We don't stock tiaras in this house. I think I like the boa anyway. I am not quite sure what she was trying to be, or where she was going with this whole look, but I like it. Too bad the dress doesn't come in my size.
Even though Olivia is a passenger in Jenna's new Barbie jeep (a Mom 2 Mom sale purchase) - all the girls on our block - except for Paige - now have their own wheels - Olivia's jeep is still winterized. They played outside on Saturday afternoon, in the very cool and windy weather - for quite a while. Jenna is one happy girl to finally have her own wheels.
I am quite sure that I have at least 39 more gray hairs on my head - just today - from this child. She is TROUBLE. No, seriously, she really is. NO means nothing to her. Stop means nothing - or maybe it means GO....who knows. All I do know is that she is slowly driving me CRAZY. And lately, she doesn't even wait for you to turn your back - she'll get into whatever she is not supposed to, RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. AND, she smiles about it. She thinks that because she is SO cute, it doesn't matter. Well, it does. And the carpeting in her time out spot has the wear to prove it.

She is talking up at storm. Which is helpful - but does not make up for all her bad behavior. Her new favorite phrase is anything followed by, "I want...". Thanks BIG sister.

I am going to collapse in bed now.

I didn't forget to include the story of Max and the diarrhea problem - the one that kept us from going to Emerson's first birthday party in Kalamazoo  - but as I's hard to type while collapsing....maybe next time.......


Ingrid said...

Ok, Emily STOP growing up! Of course she can build things like her Daddy, and of course she has a racing car. Paige, stop being a Moochie! Miss you and love you all.

Alyjean said...

Geez - I hope I am in there somewhere.....

Ingrid said...

Of course you are. You give them all the normal genes. I just know Eric much better, and he's much more of a character than you are.