Sunday, March 15, 2009


It's a beautiful day today - as was yesterday.  And we have been out and enjoying it. Yesterday, we hung out with our neighbors watching the kids play, and today we just hung out in our yard - watching our girls enjoy the fresh air, sliding down the slide for the first time this year, swinging on the swings, hitting baseballs, and riding in cars - all that fun stuff you can only enjoy in the out of doors.

With baseball season less than a month away, we felt the need to accessorize our van.

And here are a couple taken inside this morning - just goofing around.
(that front tooth is just hanging on - I hope it falls out soon)

This was sunset last night - up against those leafless trees, it's a stunning me at least.
One more - Paige found Emily's old bunny slippers in my closet.  I am not really saving them, but they are just so dang cute, I could not bear to throw them away.  Since Emily wore them when she was four, they are a little big on Paige - but she doesn't care. She has been wearing them around for the past few days, and exclaiming every time one falls off, "Uh-oh, bunny."

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This is adorable!

Grandma pilar