Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a slight improvement

A much better morning. No time outs. Much less crabby. A child redeemed. A mother happy.

Although, I must say, that she is getting increasingly more and more difficult to photograph. She sees the camera and runs in the other direction. This is such a problem for me. She is so dang adorable, I just want to take pictures of her all day, and she will not let me. What's a Mommy/scrapbooker to do? Put her up someplace where she can't really RUN away, and snap away. No super awesome, award winning photos here- but much better than the blurry ones I usually get. I literally just push the button halfway down to focus the shot and wait until she looks at me for one split second and I fire away. Sometimes I get lucky - sometimes I just get that shot where her eyes look all weird - you know the one. Frustrating. 

"Mommy - it's nap time......"

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Ann Marie said...

She is so darn cute! She looks like such a big girl!