Wednesday, March 11, 2009

seriously - these people are CRAZY

After a very bad night of sleep last night - pounding rain combined with very gusty wind, a crying Paige, an Emily coming in at 3:30am to tell us that the garbage cans fell over due to the gusty winds, and a little dog who takes up WAY too much space in the bed - it is so good to have the inhabitants of this house around to give me a smile or two.

***Sad Story Alert***

I was also awake because of this very sad story I heard at Emily's dance class last night - the 13 month old sister of one of the little girls who takes a jazz class at the same time as Emily's tap class, has cancer.  I nearly cried as the mom told us the whole story of finding blood in her diaper Christmas day, and then the five rounds of chemo she must endure because she is too little for surgery at this point.  Broke my heart.  I have met this little girl - adorable little thing that she is.  The mom was very positive and upbeat - and holding it together so well.  I did my best not to break down in front of her, or ask too many questions - I just let her tell the story. The little girl's name is Caroline - not sure of the last name. So if you could just please say a prayer for her, as I am, I am sure she would very much appreciate it.

Needless to say, I gave my girls about 10,000 extra hugs and kisses last night.
On a happier note - I did get my replacement point-and-shoot camera.  Yea! The Allison paparazzi is back!  I even took a self-portrait.
Like I said, these people are crazy.  Eric and Paige yesterday after the mail pick up. She wanted to get in the mail bin and Daddy had no problem obliging her.
I made yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting last Friday, and finally on Monday night, Paige got one (the very last one) all to herself. You could say she liked it a bit...
Since there were no more cupcakes, Emily had an ice cream cone.  Nice!
Have a great day!

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