Wednesday, March 18, 2009

just pictures..and a few words

Nothing much to report.  Still have very nice, mild, slightly warm weather.  Above is a picture of a pear tree, complete with buds just waiting to come out.  Probably within the next four weeks.  Very excited about that.
Emily did get to go ice skating on Sunday with Eric.  Her new skates are good - and she'll get to really try them out tomorrow during her class.
Emily did finally get to go back to school on Monday.  YEA!  Her new thing - since we have been walking to the bus stop - is to leave a minute or so before me and walk halfway there by herself. This new found independence scares me.
Paige has been keeping busy with her toys.
We have been enjoying the outdoors in the last few days - so wonderful to finally be able to do that.  I do know that this is only March, and this is Michigan - you just never know.  Don't count old man winter out yet - there could be snow next week...who knows.

Paige this morning. She likes to hang out in her toy boxes.

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