Monday, March 2, 2009

some monday pictures

Just goofing around today after Emily got home from school.  Paige was NOT into getting her picture taken.  Hence the blurry, overexposed photo above.  But, I think it's still cool.  It captures them - right now - growing up in a blur before my eyes.

Emily finally had her six year check up today.  She is in the 95th percentile for height.  Wow - she has always been around 50 or at the most 75.  Her doctor thinks she is going to top out at 5'7" (did I do that right?).  I told her she would be taller than her Mom.  She thought that was pretty funny.  And here's the shocker for me - she is now old enough that she does not need to go to the doctor every year......growing up way too fast.

If you look closely at the picture below, you can see her top front tooth on the right side sticking out a bit.  I think it's going to fall out any day.

Paige has been having a bit of a word explosion lately.  She pretty much repeats anything you say to her.  Today she handed me her hat and said, "Here, Mom".  She picks something up that belongs to Emily and says, "Ah-Lee's shoes", or "Ah-Lee's book".  She LOVES her big sister. Her eyes light up when she sees Emily's bus drive by our house - she says, "Ah-Lee's bus!".  

It's so neat to finally get a glimpse of what she is thinking.

Have a great week!!

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EatCrowe said...

1st pic of Emily is a-maze-ing!