Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend in Kalamazoo

We spent the weekend visiting Ryan, Julie and Emerson in Kalamazoo.  This was, sadly, our first visit out there since we have moved to Michigan.  We had a super good time.  Ryan and Julie - and Emerson too - took us to their local cider mill, where we drank yummy cider and ate super yummy doughnuts.  We were also surrounded by bees - which always seem to go hand in hand with apple cider.  Emily, of course, had to wear her apple shirt, pants and jacket.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day - blue sky, and the temperature was around 61 degrees.  Perfect weather.

The sun was very much in our eyes for this picture.  Emily was not having any of that!  At least I look pretty good.

Emerson wearing Paige's Halloween shirt, hat and socks from last year.  She looks pretty cute.

After the cider mill, it was off the pumpkin patch - Gene the Pumpkin Man.  It was really nice - lots of pumpkins, lots of pumpkin pictures.

This is a rare picture of BOTH girls smiling AND looking at the camera.  This almost never happens.  
Paige had a blast running around and getting into everything.  She especially loved to sit on the pumpkins.  She must have thought they were little chairs.  She did very well for having no nap pretty much all day - and boy did she sleep well that night.  Thanks to Ryan, Julie and Emerson for their superb hospitality - and really yummy french toast on Sunday morning.

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Eric said...

Allison didn't show Gene the Pumpkin Man's car. He drives a bright orange Cadillac with a license plate that reads "PUM MAN". I was going to get an orange Cadillac, but I guess now I'll have to find something more original.