Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apple Adventure

This is what my fruit basket looks like this morning - very full of apples.  Most of them from our outing yesterday to Blake's Apple Orchard and Cider Mill.

It was a nice and cool morning, just right for some freshly baked, and still warm cider mill doughnuts.  YUMMY.
Oh, and a cup of apple cider to go with it.  Double YUM.
Peak color here is at least a week away, but there are some trees who just can't wait any longer.

Let's go get some apples!!
While looking for Northern Spy apples, we found a red delicious tree.  Emily could not resist. She carried that apple around with her for the rest of the morning.

Paige was partial to the golden delicious.  This was right before she dropped it on the ground - and of course, tried to pick it up again and eat it.  I quickly found her another one....from a tree.

It sure is pretty here.

Paige with her new apple - which she held onto with all her might.

I went to Target on Friday to get a few essentials - you know how it is - and they had all their snow stuff out.  Since I waited until the last minute last year, and missed out on all the good stuff - poor Emily had to wear a snowsuit and boots that were at least one size too small - I picked up a few things for the girls.

Emily is forever misplacing hats, mittens and scarves.  They had this very cute set that included a pair of longer knit gloves - which are hard to find.  She LOVED the boots, and wore them around the house all day.  I also got her a heavy jacket and snow pants.

And, as I was cleaning out the hat, glove, and scarf box, I found the hat and mitten set I bought for Paige last year.  She was more than willing to try it on.  She loved those mittens - really. And it still fit!  Paige got some very cute pink snow boots from Target, which she loved.  She was running around them house in them, and would not stand still for a picture.

Not that I am at all ready for that cold white stuff - but we are very prepared.


Ann Marie said...

Those two girls are just too cute! Your pictures totally remind me of home. Looks like so much fun. Wish I could pop over and share a doughnut with you!

Emily looks adorable in her scarf set....a little fashion plate :).

I will email you an apple recipe...super easy and yummy! Enjoy those yummy apples!

Ryan and Julie said...

Shouldn't there also be a picture of the perfect & delicious apple pie you also made?

maryfrances said...

Love the pics....The girls are beautiful. Paige is growing up so fast. Orchard looked like a blast!!

EatCrowe said...

Oh, that Emily is so beautiful. She should be in commercials.