Thursday, October 16, 2008

For Mary Frances

I went out to take some pretty fall pictures after lunch, but the lighting is AWFUL.  So, because Mary Frances is tired of looking at my Apple Adventure, I thought I would just do a quick post with the one picture that is moderately okay.  If it - the light - gets better later today, there will be more. For now, this is it.

Now I must go and make a pie - because Julie thinks I should.

Man, you people are hard to please. :)


Mary-Frances said...

Thank you!!! I love you are the greatest..... Wish I had those pretty flowers outside my door....No just heat, humidity and dull blue skies!!!

Mary-Frances said...

I meant leaves....but they are so pretty like flowers ...I would bring them in

Eric said...

Did you say "pie"? I am drawn to the scent of pie like Yogi Bear. I love Autumn. Beautiful colors and endless apple pie.