Monday, October 20, 2008

Emily and Paige

I don't know if you know this - but I just love these girls.  They have both brought me more joy than I ever knew was possible.  It's just so cool to watch them grow up together.  With each day, they seem to get closer and closer.  It's like they each speak some language that only they understand.  Paige now even says "Emily" - or something kind of like it.  Sisters, siblings, best buds - so cool.

By the way - I just love all these pictures....except I was so mad at myself for not removing that red sticker from Emily's shirt.  Oh well.  I was trying to capture a real moment from them, and if I paused to take off the sticker, it would have passed.  This is real life, right?  Not perfect. And I am good with that.


Anonymous said...

They are so cute!!! It is amazing how much Paige is changing. They look alike, yet so different the two of them. How sweet, sisters, that is so special. Great pictures. Oh, and the road rally sounds like a blast! That is so cool, what a great tine you guys must have had! Enjoy those precious little sweeties!

EatCrowe said...

I like the red sticker.