Friday, October 17, 2008

Apple Pie and other stuff

I was trying to take some pictures of a very wriggly little Paige, but the camera wasn't cooperating.  Somehow, something got all switched around and the pictures that I took were very blue.  That would probably explain the crappy pictures of the fall colors I had taken earlier.  No problem - I just changed Paige to black and white.
This is the view from our big window over the front door.  That maple tree was very spindly when we first moved in, but now it is tall and filling out quite nicely.  The colors this year are beautiful - and such a nice thing to see whenever you walk by the front door.
And here's the pie.  Eric and Emily thought it was pretty good.  I made it with the crumb topping because I do not do double crust apple pies.  Those Northern Spy apples are really good for pies - thanks to my Uncle Denny for sharing that great piece of apple advice.

This poor thing has not been feeling so hot lately.  She has two big molars coming in at the same time - maybe more, she won't let me see.  She has a slightly runny nose, which I am not sure is due to the teething, or a cold, or allergies.  She is so off kilter that yesterday morning when we returned from the grocery store, she fell flat on her face in the garage - injuring her lip.  You can kind of see it in this picture from yesterday.  It's much worse this morning, all scabbed over.  Poor little Paige.  She is turning out to be more accident prone than her very clumsy big sister.  Kelly - we may need to borrow that crash helmet!

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