Friday, October 31, 2008

the rest

It was a GORGEOUS day, and an unbelievable night.  The girls both had SO much fun.  Paige had so much fun, she lost a shoe.....a Stride Rite shoe.  We'll be backtracking tomorrow morning to see if we can find it.

I did find some time to carve pumpkins this morning.
Emily's Kindergarten class.
Watching the parade.  The WHOLE school dresses up and parades to Halloween music played over the loud speaker.  It was awesome.
The littlest witch.  She has her shoes on in this one.

Our favorite house.  They had a robot skeleton that followed the kids around.  Emily wasn't even a little bit scared. 

Hope you all had a great and safe Halloween - and your kids are not climbing the walls from their sugar highs!

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