Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ojibwa Road Rally

Last night, Eric and I got to experience our very first Road Rally.  To those of you who don't know what a Road rally is - it's a kind of, sort of scavenger hunt that involves driving around town, solving puzzles, gathering clues and ending up at a final destination.  Does that make sense?  Well, just read on......

We went with our neighbors Bob and Ginger and their friends Susan and Bert.  The six of us started out in the parking lot of Emily's school - Ojibwa Elementary.  We drove our Minivan all over town.  The people who planned this road rally even included a few physical challenges - working together as a team of four while walking on a set of two by fours with ropes, running around our local outdoor mall trying to find out what Victoria's Secret is, and my most favorite: wearing "drunk goggles" while walking a specific path....Eric got to do that one.

The theme was "Getting Lucky", which we thought had something to do with gambling, but no, it was actually a code for Date Night.  Some of the places we went were the car wash (Jon's Soft and Foamy), a gym, a spa, a flower shop, Victoria's Secret, a bar, the movie theater, a pharmacy, a liquor store - that had mirrors on the ceiling, a very seedy motel, and ended up at Bath City Bistro in Mt. Clemens.  The proprietor from the motel - The Flamingo Inn on Groesbeck - was a little upset that all these people kept driving up and asking him where the hot tub was.  By the end we heard that he actually started to chase down the cars.  Oopsie.  Wonder what he was trying to hide??  My stomach actually hurts today from all the laughing that I did.

We were the third team to arrive - right behind the second team - we accidentally allowed them to pass us.  But because the game was based on points, and arrival time was only used in the event of a tie-breaker, we came in sixth.  Had we have known that time wasn't really a factor, we might have spent a little more time making sure our answer sheets were 100 percent correct. Oh well.  Next year. 

And so sorry, no pictures.  I forgot to bring my camera.  Can you believe it???  Just picture Eric driving the minivan like Mario Andretti, and me in the back laughing until my sides hurt.

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Ingrid said...

That sounds like soooo much fun!