Tuesday, October 7, 2008

some cute pictures

I have taken to bribery in order to get a picture of this child.  It's true.  I gave her a dollar.  But she looked so cute, and I knew she would give me attitude.  So, I think it was a dollar well spent.  Don't you?
Amazingly enough, Paige wanted in on the action - the photography action, not the dollar. Thank God she hasn't figure that one out yet.  But she is liking the camera lately.  And that makes her Mommy so very happy.
And just so you know - she did have socks on, but I just cannot resist those feet.  It's a long winter, and they will be seen in much less frequency in the coming months.  And let this be known - they are very stinky.  Stinkin' cute!

One more thing......this child is so delicious lately.  I find myself squeezing her about ten thousand times over the course of the day.  I love that she now gives kisses, and quasi hugs.  I love her cute little walk.  I love that she is really into helping out.  I love that she calls everything "ish".  I even love the way she says "no".  I love that she goes into her room and takes her blankie and pacifier out of her crib, and then walks around with them.  I love that she loves books.  I love that she loves to take naps and go to bed every night.  She hears me tell her that it's time for bed, and she's off and running towards her room, waving and saying her version of "bye" as she goes.  She must have some pretty sweet dreams that she is looking forward to having. I love this girl. 

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