Friday, October 3, 2008

our week so far

Other than the unseasonably cold temperatures that have arrived this week, there's nothing really exciting to report.

(That's a cucumber seed on Paige's forehead.  I thought it was pretty cute but my Mom removed it the minute she walked in the room)

Paige has really been into temper tantrums lately.  She has such a hard time trying to communicate with us because she flat out refuses to try and use words.  So cry she must.  She even flails herself on the floor and everything.  Strangely enough, she had a great day yesterday, and the picture below is the only real time that she really cried or had any sort of tantrum.  We now all have to make sure and completely close the pantry door, or else she will go in there and get just about anything that is within her reach - which is why she is crying in this picture.
Emily was off from school yesterday because the AM Kindergarten class was going on their field trip to the apple orchard.  I took advantage of the day and got Emily a much needed haircut.  We lucked out and got my favorite person, who I think did a great job - as did Emily. She even got a red balloon.
Paige got this Fisher Price pig from my Mom for Easter, and lately it has been her most favorite toy.  She loves to take the coins out, and then put them back in, over and over and over again.  Last night I had to drag her away from it at 7:15 so that we could go and start our night time routine.  It took at least three attempts.  I love seeing her so interested in stuff that actually belongs to her.  I love that she was completely entertained without any intervention by Eric or myself.  Which is why I just let her be for a while last night.
We are off to Kalamazoo tomorrow to see Julie, Ryan and Emerson.  Looking forward to that very much.

Have a great Friday and weekend!  And a very Happy 6th Birthday to Miss Hailey!  We miss you!

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Ann Marie said...

love the pouting picture...she is so cute! I love her little outfit and shoes!