Thursday, February 24, 2011

{right now}


About a year after Emily was born, I really started thinking about having another child. I knew, at that point, that we really couldn't afford another baby. Our income was not really one that would allow me to stay home. Five day a week child care is REALLY expensive. Especially for a baby. So, the whole second child thing was put on the back burner.

Of course, everyone asked, "When are you going to have another?", and when I told them it wasn't really a good time, pretty much everyone said, "There's never a really good time." Or, "You don't want to have them too far apart, they'll never be close." Even, "Oh, just go for it, you'll figure it out."

Thankfully, Eric and I stuck with our plan of waiting. When we moved from Florida to Michigan we knew it was the right time. Of course, I worried that Emily wouldn't be close with her sister  - being four and a half years apart. I spent the better part of my pregnancy thinking I should have gotten pregnant sooner.

I, and everyone else, could not be more wrong.

They are BEST friends.

Would they be closer if their ages were closer? Maybe? But seriously - how much closer can you get?


The moral - this worked for us. Having them closer in age may have worked too - but the stress of that would have been too much for our wallets, and maybe, even our family. You have to do what works for you, because, every situation is different. And that applies to just about everything - not just having babies.

Thus concludes today's lesson. :) Have a great Thursday!

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