Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{berry good memories}

picked up some strawberries while i was out yesterday. pretty much every time i eat a strawberry, i can't help but think about my Grandma. she LOVED strawberries. she sacrificed for them. really. whenever we would take her to the store, she would always pick herself up a carton of these ruby gems. and if they were expensive, she would forgo something else. i guess they were that important to her.

when i was little, and i would stay at her house for the summer, she always took me strawberry picking. i, of course, ate more in those fields than i brought home. so much that, sometimes i had quite the belly ache. when we got back to her house, i helped her make jam - or preserves, or jelly - i can never remember which is which. all i knew, was that stuff we made with those strawberries that we picked, was some of the best stuff i ever spread on a piece of toast.

thanks for the berry good memories Grandma!

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