Thursday, December 2, 2010

{bad booboo}

My sweet baby girl has a fat lip.



This morning, while we were in the car, waiting for the bus, Little Miss Curiosity got herself in a little bit of trouble.  She got in trouble for sneaking a penny out of the change holder and then inserting it into the CD player. Luckily, she didn't get it all the way in. Eric was able to extract it once we got home. While she was pouting for getting yelled at for a SECOND time - she tried to push the penny all the way in, again - she left the front seat and went to the middle seats. When she tried to come back over, she tripped and smacked her face into the change holder.


She looks very pathetic. She also has a cut on her gum above one of her front teeth. Which, if you even touch it, it starts to bleed, and covers her front teeth with blood. NICE. Luckily, I already took our Christmas pictures.

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