Monday, May 3, 2010

Monkey and Hula Girl

We were supposed to have total yuck weather this weekend. And, yes, it did rain a bit. But for the most part, it was warm and even a bit sunny at times.

We have been getting in some serious outside time.

Paige is into doing the monkey bars. Of course, she doesn't hold on and do it all by herself - but she can do a pretty good job with minimal spotting by me. Totally different from Emily. Emily was afraid to do it for a long time, and just within the past year has conquered that fear...somewhat.....

But, she's not afraid to play with the hula hoop. Emily and her girlfriends put on a hula hoop show for us Saturday evening.

It was full of tricks. Although, I am not really sure what trick is happening here...

Or here, for that matter.

Yeah, she's no real whiz with the hula hoop...but she's cute isn't she?

Oh's a good trick. All she has to do now is catch it. She can do that, right?

Yeah, not so much.
Maybe next time....

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