Monday, May 10, 2010

make your reservation now...

I cannot believe that there's less than six week left in the school year. Emily is over the moon excited for summer vacation. I hope that we can make this years summer vacation as much fun as last years. No big plans to speak of at the moment. We would love to have some visitors...hint, hint...we have lots of room, fun things to do, good food....and a summer wide open with possibilities. Check with the reservation manager for your custom Michigan/Gottlieb vacation today!!

Emily told me last week that EVERYONE in her class has these things that she calls "squishies". I guess that they are pencil toppers that are, well, squishy. They are not sold in stores. You can get them at those vending machines they are in restaurants and know, the ones that you put a couple of quarters in (I swear, these things were only ONE quarter when I was a kid), turn the handle and something comes out in a little plastic bubble. Apparently, there are already "rare" ones. They trade them. And they are probably pretty hot property for the teaching staff at the school.

Well, thanks to my good friend Ginger, Emily is now the proud owner of TEN squishies. Emily, armed with a bag of quarters, went out with her buddies tonight after dinner on a squishy run. I stayed home with Paige. Emily returned victorious. Did I just dole out $4 for pencil toppers?

It was too late when she returned - we had to do baths and reading - so I will take and post some pictures tomorrow. Truthfully, I just want you to be in the dark like me....until tomorrow.

For now, a couple other pictures from the past few days....

The girls after the first photo shoot for Mother's Day pictures. I didn't end up using any of the pictures I took of Paige from this shoot - didn't like the shirt - too busy. But, still a cute photo of the girls. Emily has really mastered the smirk, don't you think?

I am really not sure what Paige is doing here.

This was Emily's shirt by the way...

And here are a couple of my favorites from the re-shoot with Paige. I love this one - but I really wanted to use one where she was looking at the camera.

And this one is also my favorite - but I liked the one with the tree because it matched Emily's picture better. Also, the dress strap is a little too sexy for the Grandmas...
And that is all!

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