Monday, May 24, 2010

{emily's new ride}

Although I would never really say this to Emily, but sometimes it really stinks to have your birthday right around Christmas. Also, it stinks that December is such a cold month. No real outside time at all.

What does this have to do with Emily and a new bike? Well, Emily did some growing since last summer...and her 16 inch princess bike didn't really fit her anymore. She wasn't especially bothered by the princesses....but I was bothered by the fact that her legs looked WAY too long for that frame she was riding.

With a birthday no where in sight, and Santa Claus on vacation for the next few months...what is a parent to do? Well, just suck it up and get her an all new bike, that's what.


Is it not the COOLEST bike? I want one. No, really. I do.



We bought it Thursday night - she did pick it out. But it was so late when we got home, we told her that she had to wait until the weekend for it to be put together.

On Friday, Eric decided that he would put it together after lunch and surprise her with it at the bus stop. She was very excited and rode it for the rest of the afternoon.


In fairness to me - I have been using this whole new bike thing as a leverage to get her to do stuff around the house. It's working like a charm!

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Anonymous said...

Great bike! The girls are getting so big! I think Lauren is ready for a new bike too! You just gave me a great idea....