Wednesday, March 10, 2010


capturing my emily on film has bit quite a challenge lately. for one, she's at school most of the day. and now that the weather has taken a turn towards a more spring-like flavor, she's outside, out of reach, after school.

she's still loving school. she is still loving her art - drawings that almost always include some sort of rainbow. she is still into writing stories to go with her art - sometimes. she is still almost always talking. sometimes it's about something really sweet and cute and funny...and sometimes it's just a bunch of silliness. this morning, while waiting for the bus, she plucked a target bag from the seat pocket in front of her seat and asked why it was there. "it's a barf bag" i said. she looked at me for a second, and says, "What's a barf?" i don't know why, but it just sounded so funny...and after i told her what barf was, she thought it was pretty funny too. "that's a crazy word, mom" she said. then she launched into all the different words for barf. lovely. and very lucky for me, the bus showed up only seconds later.

ummm, someone needs to put that shirt in the hand-me-down basket.....

and this one, is going through a major cute phase. i know, i'm her mom. i am biased. but dang, that kid is CUTE. her little phrases, tantrums, pretend play....i could just watch her all day. she thinks all little things that have a big counterpart are babies. this applies to anything. she was eating some tortilla chips yesterday, the small broken chip...yes, that was the baby, and the large unbroken chip was the mommy. she loves books. i love to watch her pretend read them. she can recall most of the stories - it's kind of freaky. she has a great memory. she is loving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches right now. she can't pronounce "f". frog is pronounced"sog". fruit is "suit". and she also calls her pruny fingers after her baths, "cooney". it's downright cute-tastic.

and she's home with me all day, so i can take tons of pictures of her...whether she likes it or not.....

did i mention the drool? it NEVER ends.

thanks for looking......

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