Tuesday, March 23, 2010

new to us...

I volunteered at the Mom to Mom sale at Emily's school this past weekend. I was only in charge of checking people into the big ticket room on Friday night, and helping people out in the big ticket room the day of the sale. A very small part - but man oh man, I was EXHAUSTED. The ladies who run the sale deserve a vacation. Really.

Anyway, I wasn't really able to do any shopping, BUT, I did pick up a pair of rain boots for Miss Paige. I also got her a small, white rocking chair and two dresses.

Let's just say, those boots were on her feet within seconds of my arrival.

I'll share pictures of the rocking chair later.

For those who don't know - a Mom to Mom sale is like a big garage sale specifically for items related to babies and kids. The big ticket room is where all the large items are sold...highchairs, pack and plays, swings, strollers, large toys...etc...The sale is a fundraiser for the school. We sell tables for $23, and sell the big ticket items for the table renters for $1 a piece, and admission to the sale is $1 per person. It's the largest fundraiser for the school. It's a wonderful thing for everyone.

And speaking of new things...congratulations go out to the Marcikic's who welcomed a new baby boy to their beautiful family this past Friday. We can't wait to meet you Baby Grant!!

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Ryan and Julie said...

Grant is excited as well.