Monday, March 1, 2010

a sledding we will go....

Over here, on the east side of town, hills are not exactly plentiful. When it snows, and we want to go sledding, we don't have many options. In fact, other than building our own hill in the backyard, we pretty much only have one option - Sledding Hill. But, alas, Sledding Hill is a pretty good option. It was made just for sledding. So, if the conditions are right, sledding on it is so very good.
And sled on it we did. On Saturday. As it turns out, the perfect day. Had we gone on Sunday, it would have been very wet and slushy because it was quite a bit warmer than yesterday.

We started out on the smaller backside hill. Emily was quite content to go down all by herself. Paige still wanted to go with one of us, or her big sister.

After about fiver or six times, we switched over to the big hill. I took Paige down with me all three times. It was awesome. She loved it too. And we would have gone lots more, but, OH MY GOODNESS, walking up those stairs with a sled and a two year old, was a bit much.

So, we took our final run....
And headed home.

And people wonder why we live here.

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