Friday, March 19, 2010

How to embarass your kids 101

Emily's parent-teacher conference was yesterday afternoon. Eric and I both went, thanks to my Mom for watching the girls.

While we were waiting for her teacher, we perused Emily's Unit 2 writing book. It is very cute, and full of lots and lots of funny stories and pictures we will totally be using to embarrass her later in life.

Stories like this one about how she goes with her dad to the train club on operation nights - Eric's train club has operation nights once a month, and if Emily is off of school she often goes with him. His train club is Gratiot Valley Railroad - but as you can see, she spelled Gratiot a little different - note the banner in the picture.....

But my most favorite of all is story she wrote about my Mom. Go ahead read.....

Nice, right? There is a second page that says "coffy" (coffee), but I did not realize this while I was reading this in the hallway of her school on our way out to the parking lot. I could not help but laugh out loud. And, I could not wait to get back to our house to show my Mom.


This book, along with assorted bathtub pictures, is going in a box that I will be bringing out when she brings home her first serious relationship....parenting is so much FUN.

And, Paige walked around all day long - including a trip to Target and the fruit market - with her butterfly wings on.
Being two is awesome.


Ann Marie said...

Cute!!! Love the drinking story! :)... It sure is fun being a parent.

Anonymous said...

Did the teacher then ask who was watching your children at that moment?
Julie and I laughed out loud.