Monday, May 12, 2008

So much fun....

Maybe a little too much fun. Eric and I are now sick with really yucky colds. Hopefully we will be feeling better soon.

Emily and Hailey. So grown up.

The following are pictures from the Tigers vs. Red Sox game last Wednesday. After nine nail biting innings, the Tigers won, 10-9. WOOHOO!!!! It was so much fun. Can't wait to go again. And, can I just say - the new stadium is just beautiful. They did a wonderful job.

George getting into a little trouble from the tiger - he has a Red Sox hat on.

My man Pudge (Ivan) Rodriguez doing his thing. He had a couple base hits - one while I was in the bathroom.

The view from our seats - way up there, but a great view. We were covered in case of rain - which thankfully stayed away. It was a sixty degrees, with no wind. Perfect in my book.

Terry doing the zip line at the park - we all had a turn, and my arms are still aching from it.

Since I was so sick yesterday - no Mother's Day picture. This will have to do. It's from the zoo last Monday. Have a great week everyone!


Mary-Frances said...

Awesome pics. You must have had a blast. Can't wait to go home and show Ryan the pics from the baseball game. How nice to see the girls are still so close. You and Terri and Hailey and Emily. The cayuso's needs to take a road trip :)

Alyjean said...

Yes you do. We would LOVE to have you. Come during ball season, and we can take the boys to a game!