Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Emily starts swim class

Today Emily went with her daddy to the city recreation center for her first swimming class. She was all excited to go. She was a little tentative at first when asked to jump into the pool, but she followed instructions and ended up having a blast.


Anonymous said...

Emily looks so cute, and so tall! Look at those legs! That looks like a nice facility, looks fun. Lauren loves swim classes, she starts again in June. Looks like Emily is having fun too. It is so good for them to learn the right way to swim. My aunt taught me the doggie paddle in a lake, that was about the extent of my swim lessons :)

Mary-Frances Cayuso said...

How awesome!! She looks so adorable. So excited. Love the suit.

Alyjean said...

Could those legs be any whiter? Can't beat those Michigan winters!