Friday, May 9, 2008

New at the Zoo

Most people go to the zoo to see the Animals, but when we went to the Detroit Zoo on Monday I was excited to see the new trains they have there. Well, actually they aren't really new. The trains were built and donated by the Chrysler Corporation in 1949-1951, and Chrysler stepped up with a big donation to refurbish them so they look brand new. They do look very spiffy and are fun to ride on too. The best surprise about the zoo? The onion rings. That's right, the best onion rings I have ever tasted come from the Detroit Zoo. I am thinking of joining the Detroit Zoological Society just so I can have those rings on a regular basis. The rest of their food is excellent as well, but the onion rings alone are worth the price of admission. Oh yeah, they have some animals there too.

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Eric Vogel said...

And a vry genorous donation from the Tauber Family too!!