Friday, May 23, 2008

My Little Shadow

I was looking through all the pictures that I have taken this month, and something is missing - Paige. Yes, of course, she's in quite a few, but I don't have nearly as many as I usually do. Why is this?

Two reasons - Number one: she's very attached to me at the moment, so it's hard to sit her down away from me and take a picture. Number two: when she does decide to leave my side, she's not likely to sit very still.

I took a few of her this morning while she was playing in her room. It's my most favorite place to be with her - not much trouble in there. Her new thing is taking all the books out of her shelf, and removing all the toys from her basket. Basically, making a mess. But it's all good.

She's going to be ten months old tomorrow. I can't believe that in a couple months she'll be a year old. Amazing.
Still her most favorite book - Hello Bee, Hello Me. I love her feet in this picture. I do the same thing when I am reading.
Her other favorite book - Little, Big.
I told her to smile at the camera, and this is what I got. Just kidding - she's trying to stand.


Mary-Frances said...

Oh My goodness, I love those teeth and that pony onthe top of her head!!!! She looks like she is getting so big. She is just an adorable child. So happya nd just like Miss Emily did loves those books. How much fun is she!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks at those teeth! :) It is amazing how much she has grown!