Friday, May 30, 2008


I am so sick of bad news. It's everywhere. I used to be a faithful watcher of the evening news, and the Today show. Now, I only really watch the Today show when they are talking about positive things or fluff - which lately, has not been too often. I think I have counted at least five different segments where they say how bad living in Detroit has become. Wow, that does such great wonders for the value of my house.

Can we focus on the good? Is that possible? I am not saying censorship - but do we have to dwell on things as much as we do? Say that something may be really bad - and before you know it - it's bad.

So in the spirit of spreading some good news, and focusing on the positive - it's Friday. It's much warmer than last week. Paige woke up much later this morning. Lost was totally mind-blowing and oh so good. I finished "The Memory Keepers Daughter" yesterday...and it was really good. Eric got tickets for the July 9th Tigers game - tickets I, for some strange reason, was unable to get a couple days ago.

What is positive in your world?

BTW: Pollyanna was one of my most favorite movies when I was a kid. I loved the part where they won over the old man, and made all those rainbows all over his walls. So innocent. So pure. So much needed in this day and age. If you have never seen it - you should. You'll get a cavity from the sweetness.

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