Monday, April 26, 2010

fish and swings

This morning, at around 6:05, I was suddenly woken up by a ringing alarm clock in Paige's room. Apparently, yesterday, while Paige was having a playfest in her room, she got a hold of her Pooh Bear clock, and set the alarm. Oh fun. So, I jumped out of bed, raced into her room, and shut off the clock. Paige was SOUND asleep.

But, the older child, was not. She was WIDE awake. Eagerly anticipating her stage premiere later in the day. Her class was putting on a trio of plays - Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Rainbow Fish, and Little Red Hen. Emily was in the Rainbow Fish - and she was none other than The Rainbow Fish herself. (actually, in the book, The Rainbow Fish is a boy, but that's just weird...)

Emily was dressed and ready by 6:45. We don't even go downstairs for breakfast until 7:30.....

She did a WONDERFUL job - as did all her classmates.

I was a proud Mama.

And I had Eric snap this picture of Emily and her teacher - Mrs. Kalso. Her teacher is VERY pregnant, and I am thinking this may be one of the last photo opportunities I will have before she has the baby and is on maternity leave. As it stands - she left right after the play this afternoon for the hospital...she was having some pains....

After dinner, I was fully committed to getting the girls in the tub, pj'ed, and in bed before 8. Then, I let Max out and it was BEAUTIFUL. So, we went out to play for a bit before bed.

I love happy girls!

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