Monday, April 5, 2010

end of the week in photos

Last Thursday was the 2010 opening of Erma's Frozen custard. And we were there baby. As was everyone else. It was quite a wait. But, oh, so worth it. YUM!!!
Emily was into it. And, but the end of the outing, was covered in it as well.

I had forgotten that Paige is not a huge fan of frozen custard...she would much rather just take bites of mine.

And, then, on Friday, we dyed eggs.

Eric of course, showed off by making an "eggstra-special" egg.
On Saturday, we traveled to Kalamazoo to celebrate Emerson's 2nd birthday, and to see the new baby as well. Emily put up a pretty good fight to try and claim the title of "baby hog". But, she lost to my Aunt Teresa..Grant's Grandma. But she LOVED holding that baby.

So did Paige...but she didn't quite know what to do with him.

Emerson LOVED her new cozy coupe. It only took Eric and Ryan the better part of an hour to put it together.
After playing outside, the girls had a snack. Paige was trying to get Emerson to say butterfly. Emerson thought she was very silly.
And then on Sunday, we all got gussied up for an Easter Brunch at my Aunt and Uncle's house.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday....and a wonderful week!

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